Apple Mirra 2 with Adjustable Lumbar Support

This chair takes 4 weeks to manufacture.   Please review all terms and conditions (link below), as your order may not be changed, cancelled, or returned.  Chairs enter into the production cycle as soon as you place the order.


Upholstered Back

Tilt Limiter/Angle

Vinyl Adjustable Arms  

Flex Adjustable Seat Depth.  

Casters suitable for both carpet and hard surface floors. 


Back Fabric = Latitude Black

Seat Fabric = Aireweave 2 Graphite

Frame = Graphite

Apple Mirra 2 with Adjustable Lumbar Support

  • The Mirra 2 office chair is like a great running shoe - it moves with you, supporting you so you can keep going without getting fatigued. A sleek design helps Mirra 2 look good in any interior.

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