FB Motia 30x48 table desk - white glove delivered

Herman Miller Motia height adjustable table desk

Standard Height range 27" to 46"

Extended Height range  22" to 48"

30"D x 48"W (top dimension 29"D x 46"W)

1-1/4" thick edge. 

Three color options

FB Motia 30x48 table desk - white glove delivered

White Glove Delivery - 160.00
Height Range
  • Delivery in about 5-6 weeks

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    Click the link to view this furniture setting in your own room.

    Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

    Click on the ‘Simply3D’ banner.

    Move your phone from left to right across a horizontal surface to drop the furniture setting in your room.

    When the setting is visible in your room,

    • Use one finger to move the furniture around your space.
    • Use two fingers to ‘Pinch to Zoom’ and adjust the furniture size.
    • Twist two fingers to rotate the furniture.

    Once you are happy with the setting, take a picture to share with your network.


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